Final Thoughts On My Final Day Being 15

I learned a lot and made the most amazing memories . So without further ado, here are some things I learned being 15 that I don’t ever want to forget.


Dear 15,

I can’t believe we made it. It is auch a crazy though we have grown so much together, this time last year we were in a lockdown how times have changed. Let me just tell you: We were so scared going into this not knowing what to expect. We were the age of angst, growth and every teenage movie ever. People have written books about us, and there are television characters who never moved on from us we used to watched them at 10 thinking we would do anything to be their age and now here we are. We are the year that high school starts so begins dating and navigation independence . Everyone told me that being 15 would be the hardest part of my 15-year existence. Many people at 15 have concured so much more than we will ever and that is a scary thought .

Everyone was wrong. well kinda

As I sit here on the eve of my 16th birthday, I feel so grateful for the year I experienced and the friends I have made but I’m a bit sad to let go its going to change once again. (I mean, not too sad, because tomorrow is MY BIRTHDAY, but you know, kinda sad.) You’ve been a good time, and I’ll be saying “I’m 15 — wait a second actually, 16” for weeks to come potentially months . I had SO much fun being 15. I’m sure it didn’t hurt that the year started out at home with minim school work and a-lot of time to spend on hobbies, but hey, there were still some strange turns. I learned a lot and did some wild things. So without further ado, here are some things I learned being 15 that I don’t ever want to forget (and maybe might help someone):

1. Friendships take effort
Okay so this one I learned the hard way. If you have been following me for a while you may know I transferred schools recently and that was an experience itself but another thing you need to know if I am bad at texting. So the combination of me being in my junior year and bad texting ability has resulted me to ghost my friends. Communications ne effort must be held for friendship outside of school friends to stay. Don’t do what I did and almost lose contact with the most valuable friends.

2. Not everybody has to like you
This one is hard still hard but as a girl a teen girl the concept is hard. I am a people pleaser just as many people are. I seek acceptance by all but I have learned to not care about their opinions because it doesn’t matter these people I may never see again. Do if I start dancing my heart out at a party well I will because I want to and that is all that matters.

3. You aren’t too old to hang with your family
Now I know this will be a hard one too believe but spending the past too years through a pandemic made us confined to our home I was with family and in particular siblings I am a middle child I have siblings and learned the value of that bond.

4. Nobody cares 
This is so vital for everyone to learn. I am still trying to tell my friends this and they don’t believe me but no one cares. Everyone is f so o occupied with their own life they are not checking if you wore that jumper twice in a week. If they do care that means their life is so boring they have time to deities other people. So be the real you.

5. Sing as loud as you want
This has occurred to me so many times this year at parties or with friends or as yesterday I was at a campfire with a bunch of friends we have a speaker we just finished making s’mores staring blasting music and on goes to Macarena and I jump in and dance only one of my friends does it with me the rest too embarrassed. And I sang my heart out to every song played and I had fun no one was judging me but impressed not by my ding skills but just for letting go.

6. Nobody has it all figured out
When I turned 16, people started saying things like “Oh, you’re almost an adult” and “Time to get serious about the future.” You you have alot of it in fact who cares if you have a plan for college or if you dont know what to eat for breakfast. We need to let go of the idea that there is this expectation to do things at a certain age. There are no rules to this game. Everyone is on their own clock. You may look at people around you and think they are ahead of or behind you, but they are really just living their lives at the pace of their own clock.

7. Everybody is on a different path
We are all in a hurry. In a hurry to get to where we are going, in a hurry to get successful, in a hurry to get things done. We get depressed when things don’t happen our way, when results are not achieved instantly. It’s a race and we are scared of being left behind

The thing I have come to realize is that everyone is on their own paths — we all have our own timelines. Your lifetime is infinitely unique to an infinity of other lifetimes. In no way will your journey mimic the journey of others.

8. Grasp any opportunity 
If you have a question, or want to learn about something, or just saw something you didn’t understand, so many opportunities will be given to you some you may need to put in your own work instead but take it you dont know the outcome you will kost likely make amazing friends or learn a lesson.

9. Take photos
Now when I say this I dont mean dont live in the moment or just spend experiences with a camera in your face. But document your life take pictures of the sunset you spend all day waiting for looking back at those one day will be worth it.

10. (most important) Live in the moment . 
No explanation needed.

I’m sure there’s a lot more I’m going to remember in the days following this post, but these are the main points.

You were cools beans 15.

But I cant wait to welcome in 16 for more laughter.

I hope you all have all have such an amazing day 🙂

Just a Average Teenage Girl trying to get through life xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Summer Aesthetics


So summer holidays have started sorry I haven’t gotten around to posting any summer content but I have been doing so much in the past week. I am going to give y’all a little update on my first week of summer holidays! So the day I got off I went out to town with my friends we went shopping and grabbed food and retreated to a park for a cute picnic with tunes. Later that night I went to my others friends house where we all hung out with pizza, drinks and snacks and watched the Friends Reunion! The next day I went to the salon to get my nails done obviously. Sunday I had family over and did a lot of tanning as it was nice, the next day I also tanned and the next aswell I went to training later that night. Wednesday I went hiking with friends and Thursday volunteered to go into a school to create a garden and painted fences and planted a bunch of followers, had training later that night and went to a hike with my church. Friday I meet up with my friends for the beach we grabbed burgers and ice-cream when we got there and went cliff jumping. I had youth club later and saw my friends we did a water fight and got to chill and just read the Bible together. What have you done this week?

I would like to also mention it is my 1 year anniversary of owning this blog which is crazy I can’t believe I have been blogging for a year!

Let’s get into it! These photos are from Pinterest unless I say otherwise. So I thought it would be a great idea to manifest what I want my summer 2021 to look like here we go!

Just an Average Teenage Girl Trying to get through life xxxxxxxxxxxxx

P.S look out for my summer 2021 playlist which is coming out soon:)

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Rocky Road


So on my my absolute favorite things to do in baking I love to experiment different recipes and the one of by very favorites happen to be cake ! So I thought I would share with alll of you my recipe to make my Rocky road!!!! .

Since today is my very first day of summer!! I thought that I would be change my upload schedule I would post every Monday and Friday. I apologise for not posting as regular the past 3 months I have been overwhelmed with finals but I am back and so ready for summer content. Hope you are all going well. When are you in Sumer holidays?


  • 125g/4oz Butter
  • 2 tbs Golden Syrup
  • 150g/5oz Milk Chocolate
  • 150g/5oz Plain Chocolate
  • 125g/4oz Digestive Biscuits, roughly broken
  • 125g/4oz Rich Tea Biscuits, roughly broken
  • 50g/2oz Maltesers
  • 125g/4oz Mini Marshmallows


  1. Line a 19cm/7″ square tin with greaseproof paper or cling film.
  2. Melt the butter, syrup and chocolate over a low heat. Stir occasionally to make sure all ingredients are well mixed together.
  3. Add the biscuits, maltesers and marshmallows. Mix well.
  4. Transfer to prepared tin. Level it on top and press down well to avoid air gaps.
  5. Allow to harden before cutting into bars. Store in the fridge.

Are you excited for Summer ? Do you have any Summer Plans? Do you do any fun Summer traditions ?
Just a Average Teenage Girl trying to get through life xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Top Ten Enemies To Lovers Books

Hey Girls!

So I am sure all of you your like to read Y/A books have all read the classics or at least heard of Fault in our stars, to all the boys I loved before, love Simon, we were liars etc I not saying those are bad books they are amazing but there are so many other great reads that just aren’t talked about that much. So actually my favourite book genre is actually Y/A romance but Today I decided to share my favourite enemies to lover to be specific, as I love to read if you want to find what books I am reading at the moment or what I have read I have my goodreads account linked below. I know it’s hard to pick just 10 but I figured I’d talk about some of my faves. 

I hope you’ll enjoy reading my top ten favourite enemies to lover books . I’m also super excited to hear your books recommendations, since I’m always looking for new books to read. What is your favorite book at the moment?

The relationships in these books always start off with a bit of hate stewing between the main characters.

This initial hate often leads to great banter between characters as the sparks inevitably fly and as those feelings begin to turn from hate to love.

The saying is that there is a thin line between love and hate, and that couldn’t be more true when it comes to romance books in this popular trope.

I’m partial to the romance novels where there is true animosity between the main characters due to a misunderstanding or an incident that occurred when they first met, setting their relationship off on the wrong foot.

It’s also fun to read enemies to lovers books that are based more on a healthy dose of competition rather an all out hate stirring up the relationship.

If you love enemies to lovers books, you may also be a fan of friends to lovers books. I know I am!

There will be some SPOILERS !’!!!!!!!!!!

10. Meet Me There

I loved this story with Ashlyn and Luke. So sweet. They are rival pranksters but when Luke’s mom dies everything changes for him. No one knows that it happened and the only thing keeping him with a smile is the pranks between him and Ashlyn. Until one day he breaks down in a dark room and she walks in. She doesn’t know it’s him because the lights are out in the room. And in the moment Luke Gave himself an accent so she wouldn’t recognize him. Talking to someone about what he was going through it felt so good. Soon it got out of control as he was falling for her and she was falling for him. So he had to stop the charade. Could she still like him if she found out the truth or think he was lying the whole time for a prank? Great story

9. All The Things We Were

The third book in the River Valley series is focused around Michelle, the not so nice girl from previous books. I hated Michelle in the last book, like seriously thought she was a cold hearted bitch. 
However appearances aren’t everything, this story allowed us to peek inside her not so perfect world. This was the ultimate redemption story. While Michelle is seemingly perfect, we quickly learn that’s not case, she is very insecure and has her own family dramas going on. Then her father cuts her off, and forces her to get a job. Michelle obviously thinks this is the end of the world, but enter Rainier. This is where things get interesting. These two could not be anymore different but somehow they find each other drawn to each other. Can two people so vastly different fall in love?

8. Meet Me at Midnight

Sidney and Asher should have clicked. Two star swimmers forced to spend their summers on a lake together sounds like the perfect match. But it’s the same every year–in between cookouts and boat rides and family-imposed bonfires, Sidney and Asher spend the dog days of summer finding the ultimate ways to prank each other. And now, after their senior year, they’re determined to make it the most epic summer yet. 

Their truce should make things simpler, but six years of tormenting one another isn’t so easy to ignore. Kind of like the undeniable attraction growing between them.

7. Making Friends With Alice Dyson

This one is like a very very Soft™ “enemies”…more like Alice is this Straight As perfect student and Teddy just ANNOYS HER by breathing wrong. And they do a spontaneous dance off in the street which goes a bit viral and she’s scared it’s ruining her image of being sensible. While Teddy is over here being a huge loveable dork. 

This one is cute. Not hardcore like some on this list, but we are here for diverse types of this trope HURRAY.

6. I Hate You More

Ally and Chase have always had a disliking for each other, but this is only amplified when Chase moves into the Lockwood household. Ally’s friends help her come up with a plan to get Chase kicked out of her house. The plan is interesting to read and watch it and the drama unravel. Both characters are very likeable as well as the friendships depicted in the book.

Things are slow to progress and I wish the pace of the book had been faster. When you get to the end of the book, it only feels like the beginning. Maybe Alexandra Moody is planning to write a sequel to follow Ally and Chase.

5. Falling For My Nemesis

Mia is a sweet strawberry blond girl in her senior year of highschool whose family life is falling apart. She is waiting on an advanced admission letter to Duke just hoping to get out of town and move forward before the chaos gets worse. She keeps all this hurt hidden from everyone, painting a happy face on and being the sweet, smart, kind girl she is to everyone at school. She doesn’t join any one group but gets along with them all and spends her time talking and enjoying everyone… everyone but Carson. He is the bane of her existence, her nemesis, she still can’t quite forgive him for almost drowning her on the day they met when she moved to Sweet Water as a young girl. But that is also where she met Ethan, her best friend, even if he is a year younger and Carson’s brother. Their family is her home away from home the haven from the chaos and fights of her parents. 
The boiling point comes when Carson accidentally or intentionally… hits her in the face with a basketball during gym while she is distracted thinking about all the difficulties at home and discussing the Snowflake ball with her friend. This is the breaking point and she snaps, running at him and grabbing him around the neck in an unsuccessful attempt to strangle Carson. Of course this winds them both in the principal’s office and the story begins…
Rather than suspend them which would ruin her chances at getting into Duke and Carson’s at his swimming scholarships, the principal offers them an alternative, run the charity event for Christmas, the Angel tree and christmas boxes for families in their areas. 
As they work together, grudgingly, Mia finds out more about Carson, who isn’t quite how she thought he was and she discovers that maybe he isn’t her Nemesis after all..

4. Perfect On Paper

Darcy Phillips can give you the solution to any of your relationship woes―for a fee but might not have the best judgement when it comes to her best friend, Brooke, who is in love with someone else. She also cannot stand Alexander Brougham, but when he catches her removing the letters for her questionably legal, anonymous relationship advice service, he offers her a deal. He’ll keep her secret if she becomes his life coach to get back his ex-girlfriend. She agrees as if word gets out that she’s behind the service, Brooke might never speak with her again. 

3. Scared

A serious car accident left her scarred physically and emotionally. Her “friends” left her abandoned and alone at a time when she needed them most. For seventeen-year-old Sloane Munster, the life she had known was gone, only the memories and her hopes and dreams remain, crushed and shattered. When she begins her senior year at a new school, she already knows what to expect and she was not disappointed. The bullies came out in droves, the gawkers would stare at her face with expressions from revulsion to pity as they saw the long, jagged scar. But the worst reaction came from a boy she had known at her other school, a boy she had crushed on from afar. His rage was almost touchable, the venom he in his voice was brutal and cold, and Sloane wouldn’t find out why for a long, painful time.

2. Can’t Beat Chemistry

There are only two things MJ wants in her final year of high school:

1) Glowing grades and …

2) to convince uber-smart, chiselled-jaw Jason they’d be a winning team outside the science lab as well as in.

Tutoring deadbeat drummer, Luke, isn’t part of the plan. After all, he has average intelligence, takes disorganised notes and looks like a partied-out zombie at their study sessions! Not even his taut biceps will win MJ over.But MJ learns that she could be tutored in a few life lessons too: That sometimes there’s good reason to skip chemistry tutorials. That intelligence is so much more than a grade average.And that sometimes you can’t beat the chemistry.

1. Letters To The Lost

ALL TIME FAVOURITE BOOK ALERTI swear I can’t love on this book enough. Plus it has a fantastic twist on the trope where Declan and Juliet are enemies in-real-life…but really close as anonymous penpals. And they’re only enemies IRL because of expectations. He’s known as the gruff, problematic loser who causes trouble and is doing community service. She’s the prissy “good girl” who is really standoffish. But what isn’t on the surface: both are suffering extreme loss and dealing with grief and depression. I sob over this book. Every time.

And that’s my top 10 favourite enemies to lover book . Did you agree with any of my choices? Did you disagree with any of them? Don’t be afraid to post a comment about either. You can also post comments for any other lists you want me to make. What are your favourite enemy to lover book ? What’s your favourite book genre?

Those were only top 10 enemy p to lover book I just shared, but there are many many more book that I love (:

Just an Average Teenage Girl trying to get through life xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Healthy Smoothie Recipes


So on my my absolute favorite things to do in cook I love to experiment different recipes and the one of by very favorites happen to be cake ! So I thought I would share with alll of you my recipe to make my smoothies .

The hot weather has been arriving which is just such a blessing. So as we go through Spring one of my ultimate favourite treats are smoothies so I thought I would share with yall my healthy smoothie recipes these can be altered in any way you would like. What is your go to drink during the hot weather?

Strawberry Smoothie:

  • 1.5 cups whole frozen strawberries
  • 1/2 medium banana
  • 1/2 cup plain nonfat Greek yogurt
  • 1 cup 100% orange juice

Banana Strawberry Smoothie:

  • 1 cup frozen strawberries
  • 1 cup frozen sliced banana (or 1medium frozen banana)
  • 1/4 cup nonfat plain Greek yogurt1
  • teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 cup unsweetened almond milk (or more to taste)
  • Banana Smoothie:

    • 2 cups frozen sliced bananas
    • 1/2 cup nonfat plain Greek yogurt
    • 1/2 tablespoon ground flax seeds
    • 1 cup unsweetened plain almond milk
    • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

    Green Smoothie:

    • 1 medium frozen avocado
    • 1 cup packed spinach
    • 1 cup sliced frozen banana
    • 1 tablespoon ground flax
    • 1/4 cup frozen cauliflower florets
    • 3 pitted Medjool dates
    • 1.25 cups unsweetened almond milk (or more, to taste)


    1. Place frozen fruit, liquid, and any optional add-ins into a blender.
    2. Blend on high until smooth. You may need to add a little bit more liquid depending on how thick you like your smoothie.
    3. Serve immediately and top with your favorite toppings. Cold smoothies are the best!

    Are you excited for Summer ? Do you have any Summer? Do you do any fun plans for the weekend ?
    Just a Average Teenage Girl trying to get through life xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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    5 Irrational Fears of Mine


    Welcome beautiful people to another blog post sorry I missed last weeks upload it was my birthday weekend so I unfortunately was unable to upload but today is my first upload of April. I pray you are all having such a blessed and great day and if that is not the cause and you woke up on the wrong side of the bed that you can turn it around. Happy Easter today is Sunday the 4 April I just finished my Easter mass and spending time with family and practiced the piano a bit and here I am.

    I’ve been enjoying writing about myself. It’s been easy to write and fun to share things with you about me. I am scared of a lot of things – I am a HUGE coward but some things scare me more than others. Here are my irrational fears – Many if these things may not seen like such a big deal to you all but they do truly frighten me and sometimes it may be really hard to explain why they do but here we go….

    1. Birds – These creatures are pretty common in city they are everywhere . Infact you’re bound to find them in every single street or corner. I am TERRIFIED by them to the extent that I can’t even walk on the same pavement or perimeter if there’s a bird. When I mean that I am petrified of all birds I mean from seagulls to robins any type terrifies me. Most people seem to be able to ignore them but they creep the living hell out of me.  I just don’t get this species of birds. They are so unpredictable and do the most brainless things (like fly straight into the fan or straight into glass). They just freak me out so much! 

    2. FAILURE – I just can’t lose or fail. I used to be such a sore loser while playing sports. I also used to take every failure to heart and beat myself up about it. It’s taken me years to get myself to be more accepting of my failures and mistakes. Something I will try no to even do things are I am so scared of failures I will not do certain things and not take chances.

    3. People Not Liking Me – It is really something important to me for people to like me otherwise I try really hard for them to like me. I don’t make an effort towards having a lot of people in my life but I totally fear that the people in my life won’t like/love me. It is a fear that makes me do irrational things to make sure they stay. I go out of my way to do things for people and hate if I’m not appreciated. I know this in itself is a very unlikable quality and I’ve been working on caring less about being appreciated/liked. 

    4. Meeting New People I can usually interact easily with family and a few close friends. But meeting new people, talking in a group, or speaking in public can cause their extreme shyness to kick in. With social phobia, a person’s extreme shyness, self-consciousness, and fears of embarrassment get in the way of life. Instead of enjoying social activities, people with social phobia might dread them — and avoid some of them altogether. It really works me up

    5. Getting Skin Cancer – Look I completely understand how low the changes are of me a teen living in Ireland where we barely get any sun would get skin cancer. But you have no idea how terrified I am of getting skin cancer I just put on sun cream every day and make sure my skin is covered. I don’t stop worrying about getting skin cancer.

    What are some of your irrational fears? Spill the beans in the comments! What do you think about my irrational fears can you relate?

    Just An Average Teenage Girl Trying To Get Through Life xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Top Ten Friend To Lovers Books

    Hey Girls!

    So I am sure all of you your like to read Y/A books have all read the classics or at least heard of Fault in our stars, to all the boys I loved before, love Simon, we were liars etc I not saying those are bad books they are amazing but there are so many other great reads that just aren’t talked about that much. So actually my favourite book genre is actually Y/A romance but Today I decided to share my favourite friend to lover to be specific, as I love to read if you want to find what books I am reading at the moment or what I have read I have my goodreads account linked below. I know it’s hard to pick just 10 but I figured I’d talk about some of my faves. 

    I hope you’ll enjoy reading my top ten favourite friend to lover books . I’m also super excited to hear your books recommendations, since I’m always looking for new books to read. What is your favorite book at the moment?

    I myself and partial to friends to lovers romance books that are based on childhood friendships. The history between characters is strong so you usual find characters completely comfortable with one another and with whom they can share the most intimate details of their lives.

    The best part is when one character has that moment where they see their friend in a completely different light, and are curious about taking their lifelong friendship in a new direction.

    Then of course comes the understandable concern in all friends to lovers books whether it’s worth risking the friendship to try for something more.

    Many friends to lovers books can also fall into the category of second chance love stories.

    While I love these stories too, this book list only includes friends to lovers books, not those that may also have a second chance element. That will be another book list so stay tuned!

    If you love friends to lovers books, you may also be a fan of enemies to lovers books. I know I am!

    There will be some SPOILERS !’!!!!!!!!!!

    10. Epic Fail

    Elise Benton moved to a L.A. with her family and the changes of course are taking some time. Elise is going to a prep school where everyone knows a movie star, and her mother is the principal. Ouch. There is one class in particular, Astronomy, that will be the most interesting. On the one hand in this class we have Derek Edwards, the brooding hunk with famous parents, and on the other we have Webster Grant, the easy-going guy with a fun attitude. Elise is a girl with a steady head on her shoulders and will not be wowed by the rich people environment, but there is just something about Derek. Grant says he’s trouble. Her sister Juliana is all doe-eyed with a boy named Chase, who happens to be best friends with Derek. What ensues are misunderstandings and misjudgments that create a big mess. A mess Elise is going to have to figure out.

    9. Coming Up for Air

    Maggie’s entire life is swimming. Since she was a kid, her focus has been on the sport and hopefully qualifying for the Olympics one day. Her best friend, Levi, also swims, and the two spend most of their time together. As they enter their senior year, however, Maggie starts to realize how much of typical teen life she’s missed out on because of swimming. In particular: relationships and being with a guy. So Maggie turns to Levi for help. After all, her best friend is well-versed in randomly hooking up with girls at swim meets, so she asks him to teach her to hook up. Maggie doesn’t think anything will go wrong with this plan–and that the two can maintain their close friendship. But is that really the case? And can Maggie still focus on the most important year of her swimming career? 

    8. The Summer I Turned Pretty

    Belly is this awkward teenager I couldn’t help relating to because at her age I was just as clueless, if not more! She turns pretty one summer and everything changes, her two life-long “friends” begin to act differently and tensions rise as further complications threaten to ruin the tradition of Summer. Let me start off by saying Cousin’s beach is a place I most definitely have to go!

    7. Kiss & Break Up by Ella Fields

    Dash and Peggy have been best friends since the day Dash demanded it when they were in preschool. He was her constant companion and protector whether she wanted it or not. Peggy reluctantly allowed it after realizing resistance was futile. Thankfully, he grew on her, and they developed a strong friendship comprised of video games, gummy candy, and Dash sneaking into Peggy’s window on a regular basis. 

    6. The Fine Art of Pretending

    According to the guys at Fairfield Academy, there are two types of girls: the kind you hook up with, and the kind you’re friends with. Seventeen-year-old Alyssa Reed is the second type. And she hates it. With just one year left to change her rank, she devises a plan to become the first type by homecoming, and she sets her sights on the perfect date—Justin Carter, Fairfield Academy’s biggest hottie and most notorious player.

    With 57 days until the dance, Aly launches Operation Sex Appeal and sheds her tomboy image. The only thing left is for Justin actually to notice her. Enter best friend Brandon Taylor, the school’s second biggest hottie, and now Aly’s pretend boyfriend. With his help, elevating from “funny friend” to “tempting vixen” is only a matter of time.

    But when everything goes according to plan, the inevitable “break up” leaves their friendship in shambles, and Aly and Brandon with feelings they can’t explain. And the fake couple discovers pretending can sometimes cost you the one thing you never expected to want.

    5. Second Kiss

    Gemma Mitchell is your typical, self conscience fourteen year old who simply wants to fit in at school, with friends and at home. But as much as she tries, mishaps as innocent as forgetting her class schedule, inviting a few friends over for her non-birthday party, trying to open the wrong locker, and jumping into a freezing lake seem to land her in precarious situations. Lucky for Gem, her best friend Jess Tyler is always close by to rescue her or simply lend a shoulder to cry on. But Jess and Gemma’s worlds couldn’t be more different. As they battle the struggles that come along with growing up, they find themselves in a relationship that means more to them than simply just fitting in.

    I liked how their story is steady and yet captivating the whole way through. It was great to see how honestly Palmer depicts her characters when it comes to first love, family trials, and friendship tribulations. 

    4. Adorkable

    The nicknames in this book were hilarious ! Our heroine is Sally Sue Spitz and her classmates call her Spitz. And her best friend is Lillian Hooker, who Sally calls Hooker. Loved it! So Sally was forever single and Hooker, trying to be the best friend ever, always set Sally up on blind dates. But these weren’t regular blind dates. Or even regular guys it would seem. Each and every interaction Sally had with them had me laughing, groaning or doing both out loud. After a horrible double-double date (you’ll see what I mean lol) gone terribly wrong and a misunderstanding, Sally comes up with the idea that she needs a fake boyfriend. It was the only way to stop Hooker’s attempts. So she begged Becks, her best friend forever who’s been in her life since grade school, to be her fake boyfriend.

    3. Catching Jordan

    I always rave about this book because it is so good. What girl doesn’t want to be surrounded by gorgeous jocks day in and day out? Jordan Woods isn’t just surrounded by hot guys, though–she leads them as the captain and quarterback of her high school football team. They all see her as one of the guys and that’s just fine. As long as she gets her athletic scholarship to a powerhouse university.But everything she’s ever worked for is threatened when Ty Green moves to her school. Not only is he an amazing QB, but he’s also amazingly hot. And for the first time, Jordan’s feeling vulnerable. Can she keep her head in the game while her heart’s on the line?

    2.That Boy

    he story is told from JJ’s (Jadyn Reynolds) point of view. It starts with her telling us about her best friend Phillip, and the horrible day Danny the Devil moved into their neighborhood. 

    See Danny being the devil that he is thinks JJ can’t keep up with him and Phillip since they are big tough boys and she is a wimpy girl, she proves him wrong when she lays him out with a punch. From that day forward a friendship formed. 

    The story is told in chronological order and we follow JJ as she goes through middle school and is made fun of for receiving her first kiss from one of her best friend. High school when she must go on her first date-date with a senior and doesn’t know if she knows how to kiss, so her best friend teaches her how. Then to college where her two best friends help her get through college life. 

    Their friendship helps JJ through some of the most difficult times in her life, they love and protect her but only one can be her boy .

    While this trio would immediately make you think…love triangle, drama, angst, big mess – you couldn’t be more wrong. Each person has a role in their dynamic group, and they fit together perfectly.

    1. The Rest of the Story by Sarah Dessen

    Childhood friends who reconnect as teenagers and then fall in love? Sign us up for this cuteness.

    Emma Saylor’s mother was at times both larger than life and withdrawn. She died five years ago, when Emma was 12, but her parents were divorced much earlier than that, and she lived with her father and grandmother.

    While there are many things about her mother that Emma has forgotten, she always remembered the stories her mother used to tell her about the lake community where she grew up and met Emma’s father. But while it was one big lake, it was like two separate worlds—her mother grew up in working-class North Lake, while her father worked at the yacht club on the prestigious Lake North side. 

    When Emma goes to stay with her mother’s family for a few weeks one summer, it is the first time she has been back to the lake since she was four or five years old. Her large family—maternal grandmother, aunt, cousins—have never forgotten her, but Emma has little memory of any of it. Yet the more time she spends there, the more she feels like she belongs, the more she learns about her mother’s life, her parents’ relationship, and the stories that she has never heard.

    While she was born with two names at birth, Emma Saylor, her mother used to call her Saylor, but it’s a name she stopped using years ago. But she realizes that Saylor is just as much a part of her, and since that’s the name her new-found family calls her, she feels a connection to her past that she hadn’t before. And that bridge between the past and the present is embodied in the relationships she builds with her cousins, and the friendship she rekindles with Roo, the boy who was her very best friend when they were little, and whose spell she can’t seem to resist now.

    It’s hard to be caught between two different worlds, especially when there is so much history that transpired which left those you cared about full of hurt and sadness. Yet Emma is determined to have the life her father wants to give her, while at the same time, she doesn’t want to lose her connections to her past, or the people who were such a special part of it. But that won’t be easy, and others may get hurt in the process.

    And that’s my top 10 favourite friend to lover book . Did you agree with any of my choices? Did you disagree with any of them? Don’t be afraid to post a comment about either. You can also post comments for any other lists you want me to make. What are your favourite friend to lover book ? What’s your favourite book genre?

    Those were only top 10 friend to lover book I just shared, but there are many many more book that I love (:

    Just an Average Teenage Girl trying to get through life xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Top Ten Easter Wallpaper


    Hope you are having a wonderful magical day. For today’s post I will be sharing with you my top ten favourite Easter wallpaper.

    I also wanted to find some cute Easter iPhone wallpaper to get in the Easter festivities going ! I found a ton and I figured why not share with my readers?

    Below find my favourite Easter iPhone wallpapers

    Easter is here! It really snuck up on us this year! I’m so excited to get to eat chocolate spend time with family and Sprung has arrived which is such a wonderful feeling. As a Christian Easter also holds a lot of value to me and I just love pastel colours!!’!Today I thought i’d be fun if I gave you all some cute Easter wallpapers! Enjoy! I just am obsessed with Easter so look out for some more Easter content coming up sorry having been posting much I just feeling overwhelmed with online school.

    *all pictures and from pinterest*

    What is your favourite season? What are your plans for Easter ?

    Just an Average Teenage Girl trying to get through life xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Plan with me!

    Hey Girls!

    It is so crazy that we are on our 3rd month of 2021 which is crazy to say I fells like only a week time really flies by, I hope that you had a great start of the year if not it’s the start of March winter us ending spring is coming, spring is my favourite season it just signifies rebirth and coming of life I God swing the blossoming of flowers. We will soon be hitting 1 year of Covid-19 which is just crazy!!

    So another aspect of Spring that I just love is that many people in my life are actually born in March my younger sister, aunty, uncle , cousin, friends and Myself!!! We are currently in lockdown so we cannot do much but my sister is born the 18th of March which is very soon, I decided upon myself to plan a surprise party for her as she deserves it. So for today’s post I am going to be brainstorming and create mood boards just overall planning of how my sisters party will turn out! Hope you enjoy this post!

    You know what? I love party planning. I realize not everyone feels this way and though that is very difficult for me to understand, I’m trying to cope. I love the process of planing a fiesta form start to finish. From brainstorming to seeing the results on the day of your event; it’s all so exciting for me. Sometimes when I plan events, I have a tendency to overthink things. So to help you not do that, I’m sharing a few really easy party planning tips.


    One thing I’ve found that makes party planning manageable is having a theme. Your theme doesn’t need to be overly complicated – that defeats the purpose. Determining the theme for your party narrows down the list of foods to serve, music to play and drinks to have. For instance, hosting a pineapple themed party,you’ll obviously have lots of pineapple inspired food and drink.

    So for my sister theme I chose to do a movie night theme, I choose this because it really gives you a lot of moving room and different ways to organise the party I am just so excited to see how it turns out. My sister is a big movie buff she loves anything from tv to movies so I thought it would be really fitting for her I am certain that she will just love it!

    This is just inspiring not my picture
    This is just inspiring not my picture


    I was so excited once I finally chose the theme that I wanted for my sisters party I decided to create the invitations which I love so much they really go with the theme so I made ticket type of invites I just finished sending them out. The invites I think are really important.

    Stock up on party supplies and decorations

    This is where the real fun starts! Decide whether you want to go simple or all out (why wouldn’t you?) and pick decorations that match your party theme. So since my theme is movie night I am doing this on lower budget I hit up my closest craft stores and food stores.Stick to a few main colours to guarantee your party decorations look perfectly colour-coordinated.

    This is just inspiring not my picture
    This is just inspiring not my picture

    Order a birthday cake

    If you’re planning a birthday party, you mustn’t forget this!!! Order it a couple of weeks in advance to make sure it’s ready on time and if you’re making your own, it’s a good idea to do a trial run on new recipes to avoid any baking disasters!If you’re no Mary Berry, you could always buy a pre-made supermarket cake. I will be ordering a cake just do it will look more put together as I can bake but not sure I am up to that standards

    This is just inspiring not my picture

    Plan your party food (but don’t buy anything)

    Whether you’re on a budget or not, plan out what party food you’ll need in advance to make sure you’ll have enough to feed everyone. If you’re sharing the role of caterer, planning things out in advance will help you organise who’s bringing what. So I am going to budget but this is an easy party of get food for as it will be mostly consistent if sweets, popcorn and sodas which are relative cheap things to purchase

    This is just inspiring not my picture

    Decorate the venue and get the party started!

    Thanks to your amazing organisational skills (and our handy party checklist), everything should be sorted by the day of the party! All that’s left to do is decorate the venue, get ready and have fun! So my venue will be my living room and will have the entire room in a tent/fort with pillows and blanket there will be fairy lights all around.

    Just an Average Teenage Girl trying to get through life xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Dream House


    I hope that everyone is having a fantastic weekend spending time with family and friends (while keeping COVID measures) and enjoying there best life. I hope that you tried to spread joy to all and be the best version of yourself. I have had a really nice weekend yesterday I went hiking with a big group of friends keeping distance of course. It was such an enjoyable time. I pray for happiness for all of you.

          “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”. Dreams motivate you to work hard because you will be inspired and you have goal in life. When you dream about your future it means you have plan to your life and you will do everything just to reach you dream. All human being has a dream so if you have a dream don’t just dream,just do it because the future is in our hands. Do our dreams come true, don’t just dream.

    So for today’s post I wanted to go into a bit of a different route then I usually go. Something that I really enjoying doing ( I spend a lot of time doing this) is planning and organising my future. I am sure many of you do the exact same thing I have my entire wedding planned out of Pinterest what job I want my house etc. Comment down below if you would like for me to do a post on that.

    I have recently seen Cassia Elisabeth do this post I love the idea. So for today’s post I will be sharing my dream house in the future if I am blessed with some! If For starters I have a Pinterest board FULL of pictures so I had to pick pictures. If you would like to check that board out you can find it here. Let’s get to pictures now! *all pictures from Pinterest* I hope you enjoy!

    My room

    My bathroom

    Kids room

    Kids bathroom

    Guest Room and Bathroom


    Dining room

    Living room



    Laundry room



    So I don’t have pictures of everything I’d want in my dream house, but there’s a glimpse of what I dream of. 🙂Hope you enjoyed this post, I know I enjoyed making it! Talk to you all later!

    Did you enjoy this post? Let me know in the comments and share a picture of your favorite Pinterest room!

    That’s all guys! I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know what other types of posts you want to see me do! Have a lovely day!

    What was your favourite room?What house do you like? What style would you pick? Comment down below!

    Just a Average Teenage Girl Trying to get through life xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx